Consult: Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH

Pregnancy will have huge changes in their bodies. This is due to hormonal changes. In order to limit the negative effects on your body at this time, mothers should adjust the skin care regimen. This mode should be gentle for the mother but also safe for children. 

The Pregnancy Skin Care Routine


The skin of the mothers will become drier during pregnancy. You should use mild cleansing products, less detergent and no toxic chemicals. Using warm water to cleanse your face will help deepen the pores, help deep cleanse and hydrate your skin, preventing further dryness. Wash up to 2 times a day.

In the first three months, there may be acne appearing. In some special cases, acne develops throughout the pregnancy. Products containing organic ingredients such as Purely Ageless from Oasis Advanced Wellness or Hydra-Tone ™, will help you cope with this problem.

You should not use prescription acne remedies, retinoids, or products containing salicylic acid during pregnancy. Although no study has shown that these components are related to congenital malformation of the orthopedic system. However, none of these studies have completely confirmed their safety. So, it is best to avoid using these components.


You should have a good moisturizer during pregnancy. Using a moisturizer will help slow down the aging process, including during pregnancy and postpartum. Because the effects of hormonal changes will last and continue.


Natural sunscreen is indispensable in the process of skin care of pregnancy. Due to the effect of increasing hormones, skin pigmentation produces a lot, resulting in blotchiness on the face. Using sunscreen will help prevent ultraviolet rays, and limit skin discoloration. Should use sunscreen every day. However, ask your doctor about the sunscreen ingredients that you should avoid. Because sunscreen often contains some material harmful and toxic ingredients.


If you decide to keep your makeup routine during pregnancy, you must use organic matter. However, you should make as little makeup as possible.

Use a small amount of natural foundation cream to conceal the eye area and other blemishes on the face, to look natural. Do not use eyeliner, use waterproof mascara. Use organic lip balm.

Pregnancy Skin Care Products

Specialty Products

Knowing the ingredients in the product is very important, especially during pregnancy. As your skin becomes more sensitive, there are more problems, and your baby’s health is a top concern. I advise you to have advice from a doctor who is monitoring and treating you before choosing to use any product.

For the Feet

During pregnancy, your feet are often painful and swollen. Therefore, if your feet are soothingly massage with oil, you will reduce the tension a lot. You can do it yourself if you can grasp it. If not, ask your spouse, or another family member.

For the Belly

Your abdomen is often stretched, reducing elasticity and stretch marks. Start massage gentle your belly every day with an organic moisturizer. It will help you relax and you will be amazed at the efficiency it gives you after birth.

For the Nails

In a few women, nails become dry, brittle, and brittle during pregnancy. Do not worry. Because there are many natural safe products to help you heal this problem.

Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

Pamper Yourself: Give yourself lots of extra TLC while pregnant, and make use of the many natural, organic products available to help you relax and feel at ease. Splurge on some extra specialty and massage products. You are worth it, and you should take advantage

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Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH is a Doctor of Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist in Houston, TX and Founder / CEO of Oasis Advanced Wellness. Under her leadership, Oasis Advanced Wellness is known and respected as one of the leading companies in providing safe and clean hi-tech natural health and wellness solutions. Because of the need for high-end natural and organic skin care products, Dr. Lanphier has developed Lanique Organics, an all-natural skin-care line which promotes natural health for the skin.