People have been using an aspirin for 2 decades or so as to avoid heart attacks and blood clots that cause strokes. However the toxicitic of aspirin has been put on the back burner due to ” Cost to benefit Ratios”. Follow that, an aspirin may be good on paper but it will completely be contrary if you are the victims of aspirin. Wall Street Journal article on Celebrex, 19 April 1999 reported a study that aspirin and the Non Steroidal anti Inflammatory Drugs kill 20,000 Americans a year, and hospitalize another 100,000 with untestinal woes, kidney and liver.

Why should patients do aspirin withdrawal?

What are consequences of aspirin abuse? The aspirin cause kidney harm leading to kidney failure and death, or leading to liver failure and death by toxicitiy of liver. Aspirin often is used for surgery, dental however you can not prevent death by heart attack and stroke by inducing harm with kidney and liver.

Another reason for aspirin withdrawal is the patients may be aspirin addiction because they should never stop using of the drug if they got once on aspirin ( follow the study discussed at the conferenced by the Pasture Institute of Francce). We will call temporarily it is aspirin addictive. While the patients want to stop use aspirin and start to do aspirin withdrawal, aspirin with drawal symptoms will appeare.

Also, the another study of 90,000 nurses over the course of 18 years found aspirin relating with pancreatic cancer. This is the hellish cancer because patients of pancreatic cancer always 100% fatal. As follow:

1/ An using aspirin could have caused inflammation of pancreatitis in those nursed who came down with the pancreatic cancer.

2/ We also know that aspirin damage toxic to the liver. And the pancreas sits on the liver. So, no any reason does belive that aspirin can not damage and inflame the pancreas.

What will replace aspirin?

In the hospitals offices at Japan and Europe Enzymes are used popular.

Systemic enzymes:Is a best inflammation fighters of body

  • Fibrosis.
  • Fight Viruses Naturally.
  • Modulate Immune Functions.      
  • Clean the blood Stream.

Why do those relate with replacing aspirin? Yes, enzymes are safely:

1/ Like an aspirin that enzymes can decrease platelet aggregation.

2/ Enzymes can help to clean your blood stream by cleaning fibrin and necrotic debris which float and thicken the blood. Attention that removing of them is a good thing.

Enzymes system is not only helping to avoid the stroke and heart attack actions but also ad another benefits such as non rebound, non toxictity and completely safety.