Oat Bars
Contents1 Cranberry Ginger Power Bars Recipe1.1 Ingredients1.2 Directions2 Blueberry Oat bars Recipe2.1 Ingredients2.2 Directions For the past month or so, I’ve been planning. Spectacular, beautiful, and meaningful eating design events have been playing through my mind’s eye over and over. Interesting, I would think to myself as I watched these scenes unfold before me. And… (0 comment)

Chocolate Banana Bread
Contents1 Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe1.1 Ingredients1.2 Directions The other day when I was cleaning out my freezer I found myself with a large amount of frozen bananas. And in my house when the frozen bananas are overflowing I have a few options, I either make smoothies, banana pancakes or Chocolate Banana Bread. Chocolate Banana Bread… (0 comment)

Pumpkin Brownies
Contents1 Pumpkin Brownies Recipe1.1 Ingredients1.2 Directions Halloween was always a big deal growing up. It is my brother’s birthday and everyone in our small world seemed to be celebrating. On Halloween you are not only allowed to wear your princess dress out in public, but you are encouraged jazz it up even more. All that… (0 comment)

The Galaxy Pie
Contents1 Galaxy Pie Recipe1.1 # Stellar Gluten – free Ginger Snap Crust1.1.1 Ingredients1.1.2 Directions1.2 # Cosmic Cream Cheese Filling1.2.1 Ingredients1.2.2 Directions1.3 # Caramel Swirl1.3.1 Ingredients1.3.2 Directions1.4 # Bittersweet Chocolate Swirl1.4.1 Ingredients1.4.2 Directions Leading up to the Pietopia event, I am going to share with you the six semi-finalists pies and their stories. The semi-finalists were… (0 comment)

Glazed Apple Molasses Bread
Contents1 Glazed Apple Molasses Bread Recipe1.1 Ingredients1.2 Directions Yep, it’s another apple recipe. Frankly, I can’t seem to get enough of them. I walked into my favorite grocery and there were piles upon piles of heirloom and antique apple varieties as far as the eye could see. Well, at least as far as my eye… (0 comment)

Fresh Fig Cake & a Picnic
Contents1 Dorie Greenspan’s A Fig Cake for Fall Recipe1.1 Ingredients1.2 Directions I’ve been busy lately. It’s been good, but I’ve sorely missed my kitchen. We went back east to visit my family over the Labor Day weekend which was fantastic. I’ve also been working on a few other projects–but more to come on that soon.… (0 comment)

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